About US

The company:

We at Getadmissions, are dedicated, determined and excited to make things easy for one and all related to the admission process of an educational institution.

We do not want an educational institution to spend a huge amount of their time & money on sending, receiving, validating and hundred other administrative tasks in an admission process. And with our services to streamline the admission process, we are confident that every stage, viz., notification, pre registration, short listing, scheduling and results, will be smooth as a silk-ride.

We do not want the parents to stand in line to buy/submit forms for their ward, writing the same set of details on tens of applications and anxiously waiting for an update on results. Getadmissions is a platform which makes admissions process so simple for a parent that a leave taken from work will be to enjoy and not to jostle their way in queues to buy the last printed form available.

To cut the story short, Getadmissions is confident that with its services of 'one stop shop' for the admission process to multiple educational institutions, it will take the PAIN OUT of the admission process for one and all.

The founding team:

Mayur - a usual suspect with an engineering and management degree. In last few years, he has diligently coded his heart out, to managing an advertising agency for his college and lastly sell the 'agile' way of getting client's business processes set! Big names and big work when it comes to organizations he has worked for, and the beans will only be spilt in front of investors :)

So, how long can you make a marwadi work for others and here he is! Passionate, excited and determined, on an entrepreneurial journey to, how a popular ad says 'Lets UNCOMPLICATE'.

A movie buff, loves music, foodie (his physique begs to differ!), reads occasionally and yup always ready for chit-chatting and a match of volleyball / table tennis / badminton.

Ankit - part of a 'Been There Done That' group! Founded the (now) largest online platform of Business School events in India, dare2compete.com! Still basking in that glory and he has plunged into providing another platform for making things quick and uncomplicated for schools, colleges, students and parents! When it comes to education, he too is a usual suspect with an engineering and management degree. With a management certification from Harvard Business School and previous assignment with Deloitte Consulting, not as 'usual' as any one would have thought!

Loves badminton, movie freak and a foodie. Shares his date of birth with Mark Zuckerberg and believes that he will beat Mr. Zuckerberg, fair and square one fine day with his business ventures.