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Q1.) What is Getadmissions.com all about?

Answer. We are here to make the admission process to an educational institution easy, uncomplicated and cost effective exercise, for students, parents, schools and colleges. Period.


Q2.) Benefits of applying online using Getadmissions.com?

Answer. Benefits! There are many, let us put the top few on the table:

  • As we say it aloud, it is quick and uncomplicated.
  • You fill your details only once
  • It's a one-stop shop. Hence, the ability to apply to multiple schools/colleges. All under one roof.
  • No more queues and chaos.
  • Stay updated. All notifications from schools/ colleges regarding your application in your e-mailbox.
  • Secure channel of making your payments online.


Q3.) How will I get to know that my form has been submitted?

Answer. An instant confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your transaction takes place i.e. payment is done.


Q4.) How about safety of my personal information which I share on your website?

Answer. We respect your privacy and will not share it with anyone (Yes, no-one!) without your prior consent. The data we get from you is saved on our secure servers. So, sleep tight! For more on our privacy policy, please click here.


Q5.) What are the services offered by Getadmissions.com?

Answer. We are rolling out our services in a phased manner. Everything offered to you will be made on a foundation of: 'Providing Convenience'. In no time, you will see us offering you the following set of services:

  • Apply to multiple schools and colleges (or universities) with single registration
  • Full profile of the educational institution which only include information that an applicant is looking for (include blog link, videos, image gallery, placement information, etc)
  • Notifications of deadlines, scheduling, and short-listing
  • Multiple search filter to help you find your closest match
  • Intelligent recommendation tools so that you do not miss out on an opportunity
  • Payments by credit card, debit card, net banking, cash and demand draft!
  • A forum where you get answers to your queries from the authorities and discuss with people like you
  • 24 hours assistance if you are stuck anywhere in the process


Q6.) Can I fill in applications for any school/college in the country?

Answer. We are bringing more and more educational institution on board and we do not want to stop before we bring everyone on board. As for now, you can apply to schools/colleges Getadmissions have tied up with.


Q7.) What is the process to apply to a school/college/university?

Answer. It's a very simple three steps process and at Getadmissions.com, there is no strict time window. Here comes the procedure:

  • Select school(s)/college(s)/university you want to apply for from the list of schools/colleges.
  • Fill in the application form (you will be asked for registering with us if you are already not a member)
  • Choose your payment method. Make a payment and you are done!


Q8.) If I submit the admission form through Getadmissions.com, how long before it reached the school/college and is really 'submitted'?

Answer. If you have applied through Getadmissions.com, consider your application as 'submitted' immediately. However, for demand draft payments and very few situations, which will be explicitly informed to you, you might need to send the printout of the form to the concerned institute. Even in these few cases, the information that you provided on Getadmissions.com while filling the form will be automatically sent across to the institution.


Q9.) The most important question. How much I really pay for 'convenience'?

Answer. The charges are nominal, rather miniscule; if you consider and compare with the time and money you spend to do it on an offline medium. It will vary from institution to institution and will be explicitly shared with you before you make the payment.


Q10.) How safe is it to pay online?

Answer. The security of your transaction is of paramount importance to us. That is why we have partnered with a leading bank in India to provide you a secure channel to make payments. As a part of a security measure, we do not even store your complete card (credit/debit/other) details when you make a payment.


Q11.) I submitted the form long back but didn't receive any confirmation?

Answer. You should receive at least one of email or SMS within half an hour of your application submission. If that does not happen, just shoot a mail to us at talktous@getadmissions.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours. It's a promise.


Q12.) Is there a refund / cancellation option after i have paid for the form?

Answer. A form once submitted and the payment made, there is no circumstance under which a refund will be made. For any other payment related query you can contact us at helpdesk@getadmissions.com We will be happy to help you !


Q13.) How do I get help?

Answer. If you are facing any technical difficulty at our website, you can contact us at helpdesk@getadmissions.com


Q14.)How can I register myself on Getadmissions.com to avail the services?

Answer. We will ask you for registration while you apply for an institution or you can directly register by clicking on the 'Register' link on the home page, http://getadmissions.com


Q15.) How many forms can I purchase at one time?

Answer. There is no limit! If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you are good to go to apply as many schools/colleges from the list shown on Getadmissions.com as you wish.


Q16.) Is there any kind of discount that Getadmissions.com gives on the actual price of forms?

Answer. It depends! Yes. It depends upon Getadmissions.com tie up with the respective educational institution. However, let us assure you that we strive hard to convince our partner education institutions to pass the cost saved by going online, to the applicant.